RHAM Vice Principal Tom Mueller was honored

Pictured above: Members of the AHM Juvenile Review Board and RHAM Administration honoring Vice Principal Tom Mueller for his service on the regional JRB.

Francis J. Carino, from the Chief State’s Attorney Office and Chairman of the AHM Juvenile Review Board shared the following:

“Tom contributed to the JRB in two significant ways. First, he was always able to talk to the student’s teachers and work with everyone involved when necessary to resolve school-related issues pertaining to the JRB. This is important because school is a big part of the lives of the families served by the JRB. Second, he brought compassion to the process. Some perceive those of us in the law enforcement community as being tough on the kids when we speak with them but sometimes that’s necessary to get to the truth or to the real issues in the case. Tom was as tough as any of us, but he did it with compassion and that provided balance to the process. That balance and the participation of all of the members of the JRB are what make the AHM Juvenile Review Board the model diversion program in CT.”

One of the oldest and most successful JRBs in the State of Connecticut, the AHM Juvenile Review Board has long served as a training model for police departments, school districts and municipalities across Connecticut.

Started in the 1990s the AHM Juvenile Review Board has quietly helped hundreds of local teenagers who were heading towards the juvenile court for criminal behavior or other anti-social behaviors in school, at home or in the community. Instead, through the Juvenile Review Board teenagers and their families have quietly worked with this unique community board and have been diverted from the court system, getting help and making better healthier life choices. Diversions have included community services, individual and family counseling, drug counseling, getting involved in sports programs and other positive youth development activities, finding jobs, being linked up with mentors, writing essays, improving school attendance and grades, improving relationships with family members and other interventions that have helped young people get back onto a better path in life.

AHM JRB Coordinator Brendan Grimm stated that Tom Mueller and his colleagues that serve on this board have quietly gone about helping to transform the lives of so many young people in positive ways that the rest of the world will never know about, but we know how important and impactful this program has been.

Mr. Mueller was presented with a beautiful plaque from the AHM Board of Directors recognizing the unique relationship that he helped foster between Regional School District #8, the AHM Juvenile Review Board and the life-changing work that he did helping young people successfully complete diversions and avoid further involvement with the juvenile or adult criminal court.