Thank you for your interest in the CHOREs Program!

The CHOREs Program is coordinated by AHM Youth & Family Services and is funded by a grant from the NCAAA (North Central Area Agency on Aging) along with donations from Church of the Holy Family, Marlborough Congregational Church and St. Peter’s Episcopal Church. The purpose of the CHOREs Program is for teenagers to help senior citizens with chores within their home* and on their property such as raking, stacking wood, weeding, dusting* and vacuuming*. Senior citizens 60+ years of age who are residents in the towns Andover, Hebron and Marlborough are welcome to contact their town’s senior center for the application forms.

The benefits are great for both the senior citizens and the teenagers! Senior citizens have chores completed at no charge around their home* and yard! And, teenagers earn $12.00 per billable hour for contract work up to two hours per job, earn a letter of recommendation for active involvement in the program and learn communication, scheduling and time-management skills! A win-win!

*Due to the global health crisis, AHM’s COVID-19 Safety Protocol will be followed until further notice; no indoor jobs are being scheduled and no contact between student and senior during outdoor jobs.

If you would like more information or have questions, please contact Jenn Boehler, AHM CHOREs Coordinator by calling 860-228-9488 Ext. 31, or email

Information for Seniors & Teens


Town of Andover
Cathy Palazzi
Andover Senior Coordinator
Phone: (860) 916-6122

Town of Hebron
Sharon Garrard
Hebron Senior Services Director
Phone: (860) 228-1700

Town of Marlborough
Vi Schwarzmann
Marlborough Senior & Human Services Director
Phone: (860) 295-6209

CHOREs Program Senior Application 03 23 2021
CHOREs Program Senior Agreement 03 23 2021
CHOREs Program Form 5 Client Registration 2021


  1. Download & save the Student Application Form, Teen Agreement, Health Rules and W-9 form.
  2. Print out forms and add signatures where indicated
  3. Return to CHOREs Coordinator for processing via email:, or drop off at our offices/mail to:
    AHM Youth & Family Services | 25 Pendleton Drive, Hebron, CT 06248  |  Attention: CHOREs Coordinator