Thank you for your interest in Project Graduation!

Project Graduation is a drug and alcohol-free celebration that has taken place at an offsite location such as Revolutions South Windsor (2021), Quassy Amusement Park (2019), and the Tolland Bubble (2018). Graduates are bussed to the location on the night of graduation where they enjoy being together as a class one last time. Entertainment, prizes, food, games keep the graduates safe on an evening that statistically ranks the highest in car accidents due to impairment. AHM Youth and Family Services has proudly coordinated Project Graduation for over 25 years with 1000s of graduates in attendance!

This year’s event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, June 15th at Revolutions South Windsor.

The benefits of Project Graduation are great!

  • Emphasizes prudent decision-making about drinking, drug taking, and driving and endeavors to establish chemical-free celebrations as the norm
  • Eliminates teen decisions about drinking or drugs on graduation night, and the entire community is assured that graduates are in a safe environment
  • Provides every graduate with a party to attend; no one is excluded or left out
  • Allows all graduates to celebrate together in one location
  • Every graduate leaves with a gift

Did you know?

With annual events like proms and graduation parties, the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day has been labeled “The 100 Deadliest Days” for teen drivers. We need to keep our RHAM students safe. Parents, be proactive and talk about the dangers of drinking, substance abuse to the body and when driving.

Our committee…

  • Meets monthly from August through June via Zoom Meeting. Please visit our Committee Page by using the button on top right!

AHM Project Graduation Coordinator: Jennifer Boehler

Contact at: 860-228-9488 x 22, or email

*A scholarship is available for those who are experiencing financial hardship.

Spring Fundraisers 2022

  • Graduation Lawn Signs
  • Hebron Car Wash
  • RHAM Alumni Benefit Event

Show your support of your RHAM graduate and order your sign today!  Great for grandparents and aunts and uncles, too!

Signs can be purchased during the month of April, and emails will be sent to arrange pickup.

Cost: $20.00 per sign (includes wire stand)

All proceeds benefit AHM’s Project Graduation event for RHAM Graduates.

Spring Car Wash Fundraiser Saturday, May 14th!

Fun in the sun! Listening to tunes! Awesome way to help raise funds for the RHAM Grads’ Project Graduation!! Great way to earn community service hours!

Come by to get your car washed at Hebron Car Wash on Liberty Drive, Hebron from 10am-2pm Saturday, May 14th.

RHAM Alumni Benefit Event will be held at Blackledge Country Club on Saturday, May 7th at 6pm! 

There will be a limited # of tickets available in advance, and tickets can be purchased by cash or check only for $20 per person.

Checks should be made out to: RHAM Alumni.  None will be available at the door!

Pizza & Snacks Included!

Further information and tickets are available from committee members:

  • Bob at 860-558-5823 or 860-228-3388
  • Lynn at 860-416-1575
  • John at 860-295-8484

2021-2022 Fundraisers

Simply Soy Candle Fundraiser – Fall 2021

Thank you, Julie Veilleux, owner of Simply Soy Candles for your support of Project Graduation for the RHAM High School “Class of 2022”!

If you have not picked up your candle order please do so between the hours of 9:00-7:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and from 9:00-5:00 PM on Wednesdays. Holidays may affect these hours so please call (860)228-9488 before you come if in doubt!

Tip a Musician Fundraiser – Fall 2021

Thank you to the Flour Girl Café for hosting our Tip A Musician Fundraiser this Fall!

We are looking to do this again on the patio of the Flour Girl Bakery this spring! If you know a musician or vocalist who would like to perform for our community in support of Project Graduation.

100% of tips received will be donated to the RHAM High School “Class of 2022” Project Graduation which is organized by AHM Youth & Family Services. Contact Jenn Boehler with questions or comments (860)228-9488 Ext. 22 or

J.Star Barn Photography Session Fundraiser – Fall 2021

Thank you Jennifer Albert, owner of J.Star Barn Photography for donating 100% of all sitting fees from this fundraiser! Your continued support of Project Graduation is greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions about this fundraiser, please contact Jennifer Boehler, Project Graduation Coordinator, at 860-228-9488 x 30.

Project Graduation 2021 Event!

2021 Project Graduation was a blast for all!

The 145 graduates from the RHAM High School “Class of 2021” went to Revolutions in South Windsor and celebrated their graduation throughout the night! This venue had something for everyone!

Upon arrival, all enjoyed bowling, arcade, D.J, airbrush tattoo artist, volleyball, bocce, bounce house, dinner, snacks throughout the night, sundae bar, RAFFLE PRIZES, breakfast, and hypnotist! Everyone stayed engaged and happy the entire night!

The cost was $60 to attend thanks to the Out Yoga Fundraiser, Tip A Musician Fundraiser, Puzzle Break Fundraiser, Think Pink! Face Mask Fundraiser, Hebron Car Wash Fundraiser and the Graduation Lawn Sign Fundraiser! AHM was able to keep the ticket price down while offering a ton of activities and raffle prizes and gift cards for the graduates.

Thank you to the community for your support!

On behalf of AHM Youth & Family Services, I would like to thank everyone who made AHM Project Graduation for RHAM High School “Class of 2021” a success!  Thank you to those who supported the following fundraisers: Outdoor Yoga, Tip A Musician (Jessica Dapsis, owner, Something Simple Café), Photo Sessions (Jennifer Albert of J.Star Barn Photography), Simply Soy Candles (owner, Julie Veilleux), the Think Pink! Face Masks led by Wendy Dietz and her wonderful crew of RHAM students, Hebron Car Wash (owner, Ryan Hallin) with Ted’s IGA buying lunches for all volunteers working two shifts and to everyone who purchase graduation lawn signs!  In addition, thank you to RHAM High School’s Penny Brysgel, Scott Leslie for your support of this event through consistent communication to the senior parents and students, and Meg Clifton for leading your team of students who publish the Lil RHAMbler eNewsletter. Special thanks to the RHAM Alumni Association and the Skopas Family for their donations and to everyone who made monetary donations and gave raffle prizes, and gift cards that directly contributed to making this all-night celebration special!  None of this would be possible without the work of the AHM Project Graduation Committee that navigated through the ups, the downs and those long periods of pause of this year as we watched attentively to those weekly ‘numbers’ reports.  In the end, ALL WAS GOOD.  In fact, it was AMAZING due to our committee’s creativity, attention to detail and always having a positive outlook! Thank you, everyone!

Prize Items & Monetary Donations Accepted for 2022!

Monetary donations to purchase prizes are being accepted now as well as prizes and themed baskets to be raffled off during the celebration. Be sure to make a note in the text box that you would like your donation to go towards the Project Graduation event!

Graduation Lawn Sign Fundraiser!

Show your support of your RHAM graduate and order your sign today!  Great for grandparents and aunts and uncles, too!

Signs can be purchased online using the button below, and emails will be sent to arrange pickup.

Cost: $20.00 per sign (includes wire stand)

All proceeds benefit AHM’s Project Graduation event for RHAM Graduates.

Sign sales are closed as of 9:00am, June 15th 2021

Graduate signs seen around town!

Car Wash Annual Fundraiser!

Thank you to all that supported the AHM Project Graduation Car Wash fundraiser! Special thanks to Ryan Hallin, owner of the Hebron Car Wash, for their continued support!

All proceeds of this fundraiser will go directly to AHM Project Graduation for 2021 RHAM High School Graduates.

See pictures from the fundraiser! 

Thank you to all who came out to support Tip A Musician!

Thank you to our RHAM High School students who came out and performed for the community!  Over the four performances you all raised $1300.00 for Project Graduation! Thank you to Jessica Dapsis for allowing all of us to enjoy your Something Simple Café and our students!  Our community is the best!  We all appreciate the anonymous donations that were made!  Thank you!

Thank you to all the local businesses who helped support our Think Pink face mask fundraiser!

Our first ever 5K Fundraiser was a great success!

This 5K Run/Walk to 21 Fundraiser took place on Saturday, October 17th 2020 and included a two-loop course through Burnt Hill Park, with staggered starts of groups of 25 runners every 30 minutes. We had a great turnout and a beautiful Fall day to run or walk this course! Thank you to all who turned out to support this event, and thank you to our many volunteers and Project Graduation 2021 Committee members who volunteered their time to plan and run this event!

We hope to make this a new Annual tradition so stay tuned for more information about upcoming 5K events!

AHM Project Graduation 5k – Official Results

Our Simply Soy Candle Fundraiser was very successful!

Thanks to the efforts of our Project Graduation 2021 Committee members and Simply Soy Candle owner Julie Veilleux, many candles were sold! Products are due to come in mid-November, right in time for the holidays! Thank you to all who participated in this event, and helped us raise funds for AHM’s Project Graduation 2021 event!

Project Graduation 2020 Event

AHM Youth and Family Services and the Project Graduation 2020 Committee would like to express a sincere Thank You to the following sponsors who shared our commitment to recognize this very special milestone for our RHAM High School Graduates. Our Project Graduation Committee presented the graduates with a gift bag containing many special and customized items! In addition, Senior Celebratory Lawn Signs lines the pathway to the graduation stage at the Lions Fairgrounds. A special Thank You to Scott Leslie, Penny Brysgel, Chris Mader and the entire administrative team for giving our graduates the memory of walking across the stage to receive their diploma.

Thank You Project Graduation 2020 Committee Members!

Thank you to all the wonderful AHM Project Graduation Volunteers who shared their time with us in support of our RHAM Graduates. They designed the t-shirts, wrote letters, solicited donations from RHAM organizations, organized a mountain of gift cards for the seniors, assembled 248 gift bags, put together 248 lawn signs, planned out where the Senior Portrait Lawn Signs would be placed at Lions Fairgrounds, drilled holes into the ground for the Senior Portrait Lawn Signs, organized bins for graduation day, transported bins to the Lions Fairgrounds, worked throughout the day to seamlessly present each graduate with a gift bag on graduation day!   Whole lot of work done by many people to make precious memories for our RHAM High School “Class of 2020” and their families!  THANK YOU!!! Special thanks to the following Project Graduation Committee members for helping set up all of the Senior Photo Signs along the path at the Hebron Lions Fairground!

Thank You RHAM Alumni Committee 2020!

AHM would like to thank the RHAM Alumni Committee 2020, for your contribution to this year’s AHM Project Graduation!  This year’s donation was for $1,070.00 which brings the total amount of your contributions since 2008 to $9,120.00.  Your continued support is very appreciated!

Pictured Left to Right: Bob Gonci, member of the RHAM Alumni Committee 2020 presents a check for AHM Project Graduation 2020 to Jenn Boehler, AHM Project Graduation Chair and Tina Blinn, Committee Member.

Thank You Hebron Lion’s Club!

AHM is very thankful for the generous donation made to AHM Project Graduation 2020 by the Hebron Lion’s Club!  Pictured below: Charities President Lion John Soderberg of the Hebron Lions, presenting a $5,000 check to our Project Graduation Committee.

This was a record year for sign sales!

Over 200 signs were purchased!  Signs were purchased at $20.00 each, as part of a Project Graduation 2020 fundraiser. The signs were printed double sided and there was an open area to customize each sign with your graduates name, or a personal message. Signs have been seen all over town showing support for this year’s graduating seniors!

Pictures of Project Graduation 2020 Committee

Project Graduation 2020 Testimonials

“Hi Mrs. Boehler, this is Glenn Cully. I saw that I had your number and just wanted to let you know that the AHM Graduation Committee did an awesome job with graduation, so thank you so much!” Glenn Cully, 2020 Graduate

“I wanted to tell you how much Andrew appreciated the grab bags you put together. He absolutely loved the “limited edition” (as he called it) Sachem coffee mug. And the University of Maryland logo on his name tag. Thank you so much for adding to their day.” Ely Family

“Thank you to you (Jennifer Boehler), Ed (Skopas) and all of the AHM Project Graduation team for making the awesome gift bags to commemorate quite an unusual graduation day for the Class of 2020!” Miller Family

“A huge shout out to the Project Graduation volunteers for making graduation so special!!! From the gift cards and lawn signs to the RHAM swag…it was all just perfect and so well done!!!! Thank you for all the time, commitment and thoughtfulness that went into this project. It’s certainly didn’t go unnoticed and the graduates and theirs families are VERY appreciative!!! Hats off to you guys 🎓” Romeo Family

“I heard great praise from Senior parents and families! Well done AHM and Project Graduation volunteers!!” Sara Tarca

They (Project Graduation Committee) did a great job! All the time and effort you all put in is much appreciated and definitely helped to make it special for the seniors.” Kathy Keane McCavanagh

“Thank you for everything you did to make the day great!! My senior loved it!!” Sheila Guppy

You did special work during challenging times.” Lisa Seethaler

What an accomplishment!! Thank you AHM and all of the volunteers! Your time and effort made such a difference for the kids 😀” Wendy Oakes Weingarten

Thank you to our 2019 Donors & Participating Fundraisers!

2019 Project Graduation Event Pictures!

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