“As the primary childcare provider for my grandsons, the AHM Family Resource Center has offered a multi-faceted positive experience for our family. The facilitators of the Play and learn Group offer a balance of structured developmentally appropriate activities and free play . I have witnessed young mothers and child care providers sharing the successes and struggles of childrearing, supporting each other and being supported by the facilitators. Friendships and a support network are formed. He (My Grandson) has participated in Romp and Stomp, enjoying the opportunity to release some of his energy during the cold winter months while developing gross motor skills. We were able to have him screened to check on his developmental progress.

As a retired kindergarten teacher, I see an incredible value to the programs offered by the AHM Family Resource Center. As a grandmother, mother and former educator, I appreciate and applaud the efforts of the staff of the AHM Family Resource Center. “
~FRC Story Written by Barbara from Marlborough, CT

This is the first time my daughter has participated in the AHM Summer Youth Theater program, and it was an amazing experience!

The positive self-esteem and team-building skills that were applied by Mr. Reynolds during the summer youth theater program were very apparent in my daughter’s engagement in the program. My daughter made many friends that she is still in touch with today. It was a very positive, beneficial program that my daughter truly needed, following her diagnosis of Lyme disease a year earlier. Personally, she wanted to work hard and do her best, and it pushed her to get out of her current life situation of living with Lyme and back into what she loves to do: the arts, making friends and having fun…and she shined!!

As a parent of the community, thank you for such a wonderful program – AHM really makes a difference!
~Quote from Summer Youth Theater parent from Columbia

“Starting in middle school I was beginning to lose my way and my identity, because the early teenage years is when you are supposed to find who you are and what you want to do in life. But because I didn’t know who I was and who I wanted to be, I became very depressed and started to get into a lot of trouble. My guidance counselor asked me if I wanted to do something over the summer called Girl Power Camp, which I was reluctant to join, but I can say now that was one of my greatest decisions. At this camp, you learn that you are not the only one that struggles with your inner demons. You are constantly empowered and learn to embrace yourself and who you are, especially positive body-image. The staff at AHM Youth and Family Services taught me one of my most valuable life lessons at a low point in my life: never feel like you have to face your problems by yourself, you can always ask for help, because odds are you are not alone.

Since that time, I began volunteering for AHM for the past four years now doing different tasks here and there. I don’t have to be told the impact that I’m having on all the communities they work for. I know every time I do something for AHM, it is going to help some program or event that will change the lives of either a few or many, like they did for me. AHM taught me the power of giving back and the gratification you receive from changing someone’s life for the better. AHM helped guide me to a better future for myself.

I am living proof that the support of AHM has made a complete change in my life and the decisions I make. Thanks to all of the wonderful staff, I can say I’m currently a student at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Boston, enrolled in a pre-med program so that one day I can still give back to the community, like AHM did for me many years before.”
~Quote from a local teen, Amanda

“As a new mom, I participated in the AHM Parenting Workshops and FRC Play & Learn groups. The information and support I received was instrumental to me. Now a mom of teenagers, the decision to join the CHEC Coalition was an opportunity to give back to an agency that does so much for so many – with limited resources. The group does an exceptional job improving the quality of life for our community by empowering people with information about drug and alcohol use and abuse as well as other wellness topics. I am honored to be a part of this team.”
~Quote from parent & CHEC Coalition member Lisa

“After attending the 2015 Power of Words event at AHM, one student completely turned around his negative behaviors that he was demonstrating at school. The learning that occurred at POW, and the subsequent leadership opportunities that this later afforded him helped with the remainder of the year to be successful and able to see himself in a different light, which then trickled down to his peers’ perception of him as well.”
~Quote from RHAM Principal 2015

“I never thought that taking the Early Childhood Development class and volunteering my free time in Kinder-RHAM-a preschool would have such a positive impact on my future education career. I have always wanted to go into education, but I wasn’t sure what age. Working with the preschoolers, I have found my passion. Throughout the 3 years of volunteering my time, I have had the pleasure of getting to know each and every child and watching them grow. I am excited to be able to impact the lives of the little ones through my career. Walking into the classroom each day, I find that my worries go away and I am less stressed. Both Mrs. H and Mrs. D do an excellent job of not only making the classroom a safe environment, but making sure each and every child is treated equally and given room to blossom.”
~Student from RHAM High School

“I had a particularly difficult start to my high school career but thankfully got through it due to the people at AHM and the School Support Staff at RHAM High School. Ms. Perry, AHM SSS is one person who I will thank for the rest of my life for helping me grow into the strong woman I am today. I first attended Girl Power Camp the summer before my freshman year. The program and the staff were so generous that helped girls to learn how to deal with self-esteem and build friendships. I’ve also been lucky enough to be able to come back and help at GPC every summer since my freshman year, and it’s taught me what it’s like to be a true role model to younger girls. There is nothing more rewarding than being trusted and looked up to by those girls, because that used to be me. I went from someone who hid themselves in the hallway, to speaking on stage in front of hundreds of students about the effects of bullying during the AHM Power of Words program. I’ve learned that I really enjoy being that person who others come to when they need something. I have learned what it’s like to be a kind, down-to-earth, caring person and I will forever be grateful for all that Ms. Perry has taught me.”
~Student from RHAM High School