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Family Resource Center LogoThe AHM Family Resource Center received its first grant in 1996 from the Connecticut State Department of Education and has collaborated with the four regional Elementary Schools, the Middle School and the High School in various programs and services.

The philosophy of Family Resource Centers is that healthy development and good education begin with access to support services from birth.  When these services are offered in schools, services are readily accepted and accessible to families.

As part of a grant received from the State Department of Education and Office of Early childhood, AHM’s Family Resource Center staff were able to purchase books to be part of a lending library for families, daycare providers, and parents. We are so grateful that we were able to purchase these books, and offer this valuable resource to the communities we serve! Pictured: Jahnna Sieckowski, Family Resource Center Associate.

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Family Resource Center Director:
Becky Murray

Contact Information:
Cell: 860-573-1260
GHS Classroom: 860-228-0871
KinderRHAMa Classroom: 860-228-5310.
Email: BeckyM@ahmyouth.org

Family Resource Center Associate:
Laura Beeler

Contact Information:
GHS Classroom: 860-228-0871
Email: LauraB@ahmyouth.org

Programs & services currently being offered!

If registering for an in-person Family Resources Program, you are agreeing to our Covid procedures that are in place. All possible attempts will be made to comply with Covid 19 Guidelines during FRC programming, and families will need to abide by and help in these efforts to keep all participants safe. This includes wearing masks and social distancing.

Registration can be completed online in the tabbed sections below. Please email Becky Murray at BeckyM@ahmyouth.org, if you have any questions or difficulties with the registration process.

AHM’s Family Resource Center has a Staffed Child Care Network which provides free services to Home-Based Early Care providers. These include ongoing support and referrals to many resources.

For more information, please contact Becky Murray at BeckyM@ahmyouth.org.

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