Welcome to our NEW Health Matters Program!

Health Matters is a mind and body wellness program developed by AHM’s Leadership, Mental Health, and Prevention Team and funded by the Cigna Corporation. Residents of all ages from Andover, Hebron, Marlborough, and Columbia are invited to participate.

There are three 8-week long phases; each with a different focus that gives participants opportunities to learn how to become healthier individuals within their family and their community by engaging in activities that promote mind and body wellness.

AHM and the Cigna Corporation believe participation in healthy programming is the best way to reduce risk factors for mental illness and substance abuse in youth, families, and our communities. We are very fortunate to have received this grant to provide this level of programming for residents of all ages within the AHM community.

Health Matters Phase Descriptions

AHM offers Free Self-care Video Library

This FREE on-line video library is open to residents of all ages in the towns of Andover, Hebron, Marlborough and Columbia. As a special exception due to the increased mental health needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, AHM is inviting neighboring CT communities to also view this video library which is funded by a grant from the CIGNA Foundation.

Check back frequently as new videos will continue to be added in!


Self Care & Nutrition

Art & Activities

Mini-Workshops that took place during December 2020!

Health Matters Program Descriptions – Phase 1 – The Self

This session took place during the months of August through October 2020. These sessions may get repeated at a later date so check back often for updates. Please contact Jennifer Boehler, Health Matters Coordinator, at JenniferB@ahmyouth.org with questions or inquiries.

Scroll down for our video collection from Phase 1: the Self

Health Matters Program brought to our community by a Cigna Foundation Grant and AHM Youth & Family Services.

If you have any questions about these programs, or registration, please contact our Health Matters Program Coordinator: Jennifer Boehler at JenniferB@ahmyouth.org.