Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving

In an outstanding act of generosity, the Wireless Zone has performed yet another act of goodwill for their neighbors. Employees of the Wireless Zone Foundation for Giving recently made a donation of $3000.00 in support of AHM programs and services. This was the third time in the past twelve months that the Wireless Zone has supported the regional youth and family services agency. Earlier grants this year from the Wireless Zone supported the Family Resource Center and the purchase of security equipment for AHM’s Community Center. The three grants totaled $14750.00. The most recent grant is helping purchase a new online program enrollment software for clients.

Ryan Herrick, Wireless Zone Executive Franchise Director of Sales and Operations served as the sponsor for each grant award by providing the Wireless Zone Foundation with critical information on how an investment in the regional charity AHM benefits children and families year-round. AHM provides local mental health services, school-based social work services, youth and family programs, drug prevention, and juvenile justice services for the residents of Andover, Columbia, Hebron, and Marlborough.

Tressa Giordano, AHM’s Executive Director shared: “I again want to express our board’s gratitude to the Wireless Zone Foundation and employees of Wireless Zone for this incredible gift. We know that this most recent grant will make it possible and easier for individuals and families to register for programs and events online at their convenience year-round. This online technology called Rec Desk will be a giant leap forward for our staff to help residents enroll in programs and events that are of most interest to participate in year-round.”

Pictured left to right: AHM Staff Members, Deborah Walls and Jennifer Green, Ryan Herrick representing Wireless Zone, and AHM Executive Director, Tressa Giordano.

For more information about AHM programs for children, teens, young adults, families, and seniors, please visit ww.ahmyouth.org.