We know this is a scary time for children, but it is also an unsettling time for adults of all ages in our AHM towns, (Andover, Columbia, Hebron, and Marlborough). According to Executive Director, Tressa Giordano, “the AHM board and staff want to share a message of hope and support by letting residents know, you are not alone.  AHM Youth and Family Services is just a phone call away.”

Megan Aldridge, AHM’s Clinical Director shared: “during this time of so many questions and so much uncertainty, we wanted to make sure that residents have a place to turn to for services and resources. While AHM offices are closed, a major effort is underway to convert the entire organization to telecommunications via phone and the internet.  In the coming days, AHM clients will be able to conduct counseling sessions through a telehealth services network. Families may also call 211 to access Emergency Mobile Crisis for children needing immediate mental health intervention, or to identify other available resources in their area.”

AHM staff is available every weekday from 9-5 PM to speak with residents about their concerns and worries during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For general questions residents can call 860-228-9488 and connect to extension 13. For families that currently are AHM clients or those seeking mental health services for children through young adults should call 860-228-9488 and connect to extension 17.

AHM counselors are available to field calls from families, whose children may be experiencing anxiety, stress, and other mental health concerns. For senior citizens in our towns who participate in the CHOREs or TASKs program, an AHM staff member will make periodic check in calls, especially at this time of isolation and loneliness.

For children who participate in AHM’s Family Resource Center, FRC staff will be offering online videos of music and storytelling. Every FRC family can expect periodic check in calls to see how they are doing and to answer any questions on child development, as if they were attending face to face conversations with Family Resource Center staff.  Families whose children have mentors can expect calls from AHM staff to touch base to see how they are doing and to offer activities.

For teens, young adults, or family members of someone with a drug addiction, our SMART Recovery programs have moved to online meetings.  Information for joining those meetings can be found on the AHM website at www.ahmyouth.org.

Note: If you are experiencing a health or mental health emergency that requires medical attention immediately call 911.