We Are Here for You! (A Virtual Concert)

A group of community members, musicians, and staff from AHM Youth and Family Services and Community Voice Channel have organized We Are Here for You!, a virtual concert to lift the spirits of our communities. That, according to AHM’s Executive Director Tressa Giordano, is what the two local organizations hope to do with the concert, which will first air on Community Voice Channel, Sunday night May 17th at 7:00PM.

“AHM Youth and Family Services has been producing live music and theater programs for many years, but this is the first time our local charity, known for its many different human service programs and services, decided to produce a virtual concert. We reached out to longtime friends at Community Voice Channel and the rest will soon be music history” stated Giordano.

Staff member Joel Rosenberg recruited longtime AHM supporter and Hebron Board of Finance member Mal Leichter, hoping Mal’s work as videographer at Community Voice Channel could help with this project. Within days, the two formed a team of local musicians to produce what promises to be a special evening of uplifting music. The idea for the concert came from Deborah Walls, when Mrs.Giordano asked her staff at AHM to come up with ideas to lift the spirits of residents. This concert will be added to the many other outreach pieces AHM has created during the pandemic including stories read by members of the AHM Family Resource Center, relaxation and exercise videos shared on the internet, and videos produced by AHM staff on ways to combat anxiety and fear for children and adults. The number of local residents following these lessons, workshops, and activities on Facebook and other platforms keeps growing weekly, along with virtual counseling sessions and sharing of important mental health resources for local residents. AHM hopes this concert will add another layer of support and uplift for the community.

We Are Here for You! includes a number of local performers. Featured in this first concert will be the legendary folk guitarist and singer Bruce John, Accidental Harmony featuring Brin Cowette, RHAM music teacher Bailey Emerson, and Jeannie Dynan, local musicians Tom O’Connell and Charles Daniels from One Part Harmony, The Busa Brothers, vocalist and longtime AHM Summer Youth Theater Director and RHAM English teacher Mary Rose Meade, the multi-talented Sue Rivard on vocals and piano, the beautiful sounds on Ukulele from vocalist and musician Sue Way, and a special performance from world renowned West African drummer Bolokada Conde. There also will be a special footage from the 2011 cast of the AHM Summer Youth Theater along with notes of support and hope from Reverend Dr. Denise Esslinger, and AHM staff leaders Tressa Giordano and Megan Aldridge

As the virtual concert came together, Mal Leichter shared, “We were able to pull off a bit of a miracle by getting home recordings of all the musicians, edited and finalized for the concert in less than three weeks. What a special group of people and a great privilege to be part of this community partnership.”

Music is a universal way to bring all of us together in this time of great uncertainty during the COVID-19 world pandemic. During the concert there will be moments of sharing resources that local residents can turn to if they need support systems at this time in their lives. AHM Youth and Family Services and Community Voice Channel hopes that local residents will tune in for this special uplifting concert, which will appear on Community Voice on the following dates: Sunday May 17th at 7PM on Comcast HD 1070 Comcast SD 95 and 1090. It will show on Frontier SD 6013 and 6014. The concert can also be seen on May 22nd at 2PM, May 24th at 11AM, May 28th at 7:30PM and May 30th at 12:30PM . The concert will also air on demand after May 17th and will also be available later in May on the AHM Youth and Family Services website.

Note: If you would like to be part of a VIRTUAL AUDIENCE before the concert, we will gather on the 17th at 6:45PM on Zoom.

Meeting ID: 832 9251 4918 Password: 853433 https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83292514918?pwd=QmNMdHg4QjVZREVCSncxRjRDb2hNUT09


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