Thank You 2020 Project Graduation Committee

Thank you to all the wonderful AHM Project Graduation Volunteers who shared their time with us in support of our RHAM Graduates! They designed the t-shirts, wrote letters, solicited donations from RHAM organizations, organized a mountain of gift cards for the seniors, assembled 248 gift bags, put together 248 lawn signs, planned out where the Senior Portrait Lawn Signs would be placed at Lions Fairgrounds, drilled holes into the ground for the Senior Portrait Lawn Signs, organized bins for graduation day, transported bins to the Lions Fairgrounds, worked throughout the day to seamlessly present each graduate with a gift bag on graduation day!   Whole lot of work done by many people to make precious memories for our RHAM High School “Class of 2020” and their families!  THANK YOU!!! To see more about this year’s Project Graduation 2020 Committee, visit our page.