Teens helping Senior Citizens

With springtime upon us, Andover, Hebron, and Marlborough seniors can once again start receiving visits from AHM CHOREs Youth Workers. The young people that have signed up for this program are paid through AHM resulting from generous grants and private donations. Each of the CHOREs Teen Workers is ready to tackle outdoor projects at the homes of seniors. Since 2011, AHM has worked in partnership with the Andover, Hebron, and Marlborough senior centers to offer this vital service for Older Americans.

CHOREs is offered at no cost to seniors who have physical or financial limitations. Applications are available through AHM. According to AHM’s Executive Director Tressa Giordano, “every year we receive feedback from seniors involved with the CHOREs program and they praise the young people who come out to their homes to perform such things as yard work, gardening, garage decluttering, and stacking wood. Our seniors tell us how important this program is to them and how grateful they are that such a service exists in their community.”

Since it began, the CHOREs program has helped over 100 local seniors. One of the primary goals of CHOREs is to help older residents stay in their homes, keep their homes clean and safe, and reduce isolation by connecting each senior with youth workers and their families.

AHM has a new Youth Employment Coordinator who has just taken over leading the CHOREs program. Staff member Kristina Henry is coordinating the CHOREs program for Andover, Hebron, and Marlborough seniors and she is also leading a similar effort called TASKs for Columbia seniors. Kristina Henry shared: “Not only is it a wonderful feeling to help a senior, but it also gives our youth a much-needed connection to their community. I believe providing a positive interaction with seniors gives the kids an important lifelong experience.”

For teens who would like to work in the program please contact Kristina Henry at the AHM offices, at 860-324-1820. Seniors requesting CHOREs services should also contact Kristina at 860-324-1820. Please leave your name and number and expect a weekday call back. With spring upon us and summer just around the corner, the calendar is expected to fill up very quickly with requests for this service.

CHOREs is made possible this year through generous grants from the North Central Area Agency on Aging, the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s Hebron Greater Together Community Fund, the Marlborough Greater Together Community Fund, Marlborough Congregational Church, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, and AHM fundraisers and donations. To learn more about AHM and the many different ways this public charity supports local children, teens, young adults, families, and seniors please visit www.ahmyouth.org. AHM has served the region since 1984.