Sticker Shock Campaign!

Members of AHM’s Drug and Alcohol Prevention Coalition (CHEC), and teens from the RHAM/AHM Youth Group RALLY partnered with Hebron Wine and Spirits last week, to do a Sticker Shock Campaign. The campaign is meant to remind customers during the holiday season, that providing alcohol to minors is a crime. Hebron Wine and Spirits Manager Chantelle stated “This is just a way for us to give back to the community in a simple way….and it can keep kids safe”. A lot of alcohol used by teens, is obtained through older, legal- aged friends. Teens and CHEC members spent a couple hours putting stickers on almost all alcohol products in the store, particularly the products which are more likely to be consumed by underage drinkers. These could include drinks such as: fruity liquors, twisted teas, beer, alcoholic ice pops, and others. Five youth participated, with two CHEC members. AHM Prevention Coordinator Brendan Grimm said “It is important to continually send the message to parents that underage drinking is a risky behavior, so decreasing access to alcohol for teens is a huge step in seeing a decrease in use.” This campaign coincides with a related campaign, called the Social Host Campaign, for which signs are up outside at RHAM, at the intersection of 85 and 66, and on the green in Marlborough. This campaign informs parents that allowing an underage drinking party is illegal, and can have serious legal consequences, among others. If you are interested in joining or finding out more information on the CHEC coalition, contact Brendan at AHM at 860-228-9488.

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