Parents as Teachers Home Visits

The AHM Family Resource Center offers Parents as Teachers home visits for families living in Andover,  Hebron, or Marlborough with a child between the ages of birth and five.

  • Visits focus on your child and their development in the various areas of language, gross and fine motor, social, emotional, and intellectual skills
  • Visits are structured to include both the parent and the child, in conversation and play
  • Once or twice a month, free of charge
  • Utilizing the national Parents as Teachers curriculum
  • In your home or in the FRC at GileadHillSchool for 1 hour
  • Referral to other resources provided
  • Developmental screenings are included

Being a parent is often not an easy job.  Questions such as “why does my child have tantrums – is there something wrong with what I’m doing? or “my child isn’t talking yet – should I be concerned?” may arise and cause worry.  The Parents as Teachers Program arranges visits to families to provide them with information about child development.  The curriculum, which is tailored to the age and developmental stage of their child, helps parents understand their child’s behavior and the unique challenges and joys of each stage of development.

Interested? For more information please call Becky Murray at 860-228-0871 or email at