RALLY LogoRALLY (Regional Activities Leading Local Youth), is the AHM Coalition for a Healthy Empowered Community (CHEC) Youth Advisory Committee.  They are a group of RHAM High School students committed to raising awareness on the important issues of substance abuse within the communities.


For more information on RALLY and the CHEC, or to get involved, contact Project Coordinator, Co-Advisor,  Brendan Grimm at BrendanG@ahmyouth.org.

Co-Advisors Chris Mader and Kara Dwyer, both RHAM Middle School teachers, can be reached at christopher.mader@rhamschools.org or kara.dwyer@rhamschools.org.

How to Help Your Friend

Here you can find information on how to recognize a problem and suggestions on how to have a talk with your friend.

2017 National Prevention Week

During the week of May 14th through May 20th, RHAM Middle School participated in the National Prevention Week, sponsored by the Federal Program called the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  RALLY and AHM’s CHEC, created a Social Norm Campaign about Marijuana at the school.  This was done because many students think that a large portion of their classmates smoke.  However, the truth is that 92% of students DO NOT smoke.  The goal of this campaign was to correct the misconception.  The statistical data came from the 2016 RHAM Student Survey.  Marketing materials with this statistic were seen around the school, as well as on wristbands the students were given during lunch.  Spread the word!  92% of Middle School students DO NOT smoke Marijuana.  It is your school; know the truth!