AHM Summer Youth Theater

AHM Summer Youth Theater is one of our longest running programs.  Students spend five weeks rehearsing and performing a major musical every summer.  Every child who wants to be on stage receives a part.  It is a great experience for seasoned and new students to join every year.  Our program challenges and inspires students to think creatively and express themselves in new ways while encouraging a passion for theater.

The 2018 Summer Youth Theater Production Will Be:  “13:  The Musical”

For more information on this year’s production, please click here.

A Message From Our Summer Youth Theater Director & Choreographer

Check out the 2017 “Seussical” photos!

Wow! What a great summer!  The 2017 Summer Youth Theater was a success in every way.  We are so happy with the results.  More than five hundred people joined us in seeing this wonderful production.  As you may know, this year was a little special as I was taking over for Mary Rose Meade after a 25 year track record of undoubted success.  This was no easy task.  Yet, I am very pleased with how the show prevailed.  “Seussical” was a lovely way to start a new page for our Summer Youth Theater program.  We had nearly fifty participants in this year’s production.  We were so happy to add sixth graders to our production.  Additionally, we were so happy to recognize Gayla Simmons and Chris Ambrose for their years of service within this program.  We simply could not do this program without them!  The costumes were brighter than ever, the band was rockin’ and the students danced like they had never danced before.  If you saw “Seussical” you know better than anyone that choreography played a large role in this year’s production.  The kids loved it!

-Kyle Reynolds, Director and Choreographer

Take a look at some of our past year productions in our SYT Photo Gallery.

To contact Kyle Reynolds you can email at AHMSYT@ahmyouth.org or call the AHM office at 860-228-9488.  You can also learn more about our Director and Choreographer here.