Gina Marie’s Dinner

Troy and Gina Kelsey, owners of Gina Marie’s Restaurant, their staff and singer/guitarist Bruce John, once again, “knocked it out of the park” with the annual Gina Marie’s Summer Breeze Dinner!  As one guest said:  “Everything they planned for this event was absolutely fantastic.”  The Gina Marie’s Dinner this year raised $3,995.00 in support of AHM programs.

This year, Troy and Gina Kelsey made another great impression on the people that attended this annual gathering.  That impression meant not only letting guests know about the great restaurant meals that are prepared at Gina Marie’s, but this event also speaks of the heart and soul of a unique business model.  It is rare to hear of any business that ever donates 100% of their proceeds from a fundraiser, as the Kelseys do for AHM every year.  They are truly in a class of their own.

Incredibly, they have now raised over $30,000 since the dinner began.  100% of this amount has gone directly back to our programs, which as helped sustain AHM services for hundreds of local families at a time when government funding is being cut.  The Kelseys, their staff and Bruce John are truly making a real difference in our ability to help people living in our four town regional community.